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30 March 2008 @ 01:15 pm
No accounting for taste, really.... (OPEN)  
Who: Elyse and anyone willing to join...
What: Exploring the hospital grounds
Where: The front gardens of Alchemilla Hospital
When: 12:45 a.m. (3 days left of darkness)

All day, Elyse had wandered around the abandoned hospital. That was all she'd really done lately. She had become familiar with the hallways and the different floors. The only ward she refused to go into at all, was the mental health division. The rubber rooms, the straight jackets, and the leather straps brought back memories she'd rather keep buried. The rest of her time, she spent pouring over files and reports she'd found in the basement. The idiocy of the doctors that were here amused and enraged her. Other than that, everything had gone relatively smoothly; until yesterday. Elyse had found the staircase to the roof during her exploring, and as she came through the exit, she was tackled from behind. All she could see was a flash of blond hair; it was the same vampire she'd encountered with Marlow.

 The female had judged the distance to the edge incorrectly, and the both of them were sent flying off the roof. Thinking quickly, Elyse shoved the woman away from her, and hit the ground rolling. What seemed like hours later, the two stood up, advancing on each other. After that well.......let's just say that things got nasty. Elyse had walked away with deep gashes on her face and arms, three broken ribs, and a sprained ankle. The blond vampire, however, was much worse off. Elyse smiled at the memory.

Hopefully the little nit will have enough sense to stay away. I don't have the patience for such stupidity at the moment.....not with only three days left of this darkness.

With this thought brought another of Marlow. She wondered how he was, now that this bout of no sunlight was nearly over. Elyse had spoken, although briefly, with a friendly enough vampire about how many days were left. He'd informed her, leaving her in a sour mood for the rest of the day.  After that, she'd found cans and cans of dark paint in the basement, and covered almost every window with it. She refused to be stuck down in the basement when the sun came back.

And now, picking her way through the snow covered weeds of the garden, Elyse spotted a tire swing hanging from a rather dead tree. She was quite surprised it hadn't been plucked off yet. Curious, she shuffled over to it, plopping herself down on the slab of wood. It wasn't rotten quite yet, but it was getting there. Swinging thoughtfully, Elyse kicked the snow in front of her, covering her clunky boots with the white powder.

"Bloody hell. I might just have to replace it. Wouldn't take too long...."
king0fthenight on April 6th, 2008 01:55 am (UTC)
Three days left, and Marlow couldn't bring himself to go out and attack again. He took a knee near the lake, which had been frozen over the entire month (give or take a few weeks), and ran the tips of his fingers against the ice before looking up. It upset him that those who had a hold of the girl they had kidnapped, escaped, but he knew that perhaps the people she would tell the story to would not believe her.

Vampires, they would think her crazy if she even said the word. Marlow clenched his jaw and stood sharply, turning away from the lake and towards the hospital which stood nearby. The building was close enough to be able to see the back door from there. Marlow supposed that building it near the lake would bring peace and make the patients calm, freeing their minds of the fact that they were stuck in a crazy house.

He headed towards the nearest tree and stopped, noticing a woman sitting on a poor excuse for a swing hanging from another tree not far away. Marlow stood still, watching, the only thing in movement being his coat from the wind. Whether she could see him or not he did not care.
Pshhhh.o_ubiquitous_o on April 6th, 2008 06:27 am (UTC)
It took Elyse a moment to notice the other presence not far away. Tense, she turned her blue gaze to the figure. The only thing that moved was....a coat. There was only one person she'd met here with that kind of coat. Her hands tight on the rope, Elyse knew it was most likely Marlow. If it wasn't, well then where the hell did these people get those coats? Thinking, Elyse pumped her legs, swinging higher and higher.

The thought of the swing giving out didn't concern her. Every once in a while, she'd glance over at the figure, but mostly left them to theirselves. Whoever it was, she wouldn't take the chance of pissing them off. Elyse grimaced at the thought. The gashes on her face supported that idea. Then finally, when the swing was going as high as it could, Elyse situated her arms, then let go.

Her body flew through the air, and she relished the few seconds she wasn't on the ground. She landed with a thump, sinking into the powdery snow. She lay there for a moment, before standing up and walking back to do it again.

"I have not done that in ages..." Elyse said to herself, stopping in mid step to look at the figure again. He hadn't moved.
king0fthenight on April 6th, 2008 10:21 am (UTC)
He watched her, feeling as though his mind was its own being; like his body did not exist. As he squinted his eyes, his head cocked slightly. The person had begun to swing, higher and higher she went, until she released herself into the snow, just to do it all over again. Marlow's eyes widened slightly, for he thought that this could well be his Viola. But no, she was dead, he watched her die.

His hands clenched tightly, then swung up to hold his head as he squatted low towards the ground. It was stupid of him to think that this could be her, but he could not help it. He missed her so, wishing day in and day out that the woman who had died next to him was just a similar-looking female. He took in a deep breath and looked up with a frown. It was hard to see with the tears in his eyes.

Curious, he reached up and ran the tip of his finger under his eyelid. He had almost forgotten what it was like to cry, but this was not the time to reminisce old emotions. And so, the tears did not fall. He shook his head slowly and stood, taking himself away and back towards his so-called home.
Pshhhh.o_ubiquitous_o on April 6th, 2008 09:59 pm (UTC)
As she swung, Elyse watched the figure. She saw the way he dropped to the ground, the way he walked away. Her eyes widened, and she realized that it was in fact Marlow. Jumping off the swing quickly, she followed him, curious. Walking briskly through the snow, Elyse wondered why he was here. Weren't there only three days left? Didn't he have things to do? Her face set, Elyse sped up into a sprint.

She breathed an (unneeded) sigh of relief when she finally spotted Marlow. She was so worried she had gotten lost, as this abandoned side of Juneau was unfamiliar to her. Elyse slowed, now almost level with him.

"Erm....hello." She said quietly, suddenly shy. It had beem several weeks since she'd last seen him.
king0fthenight on April 7th, 2008 03:39 am (UTC)
Marlow tromped through the snow, unaware that Elyse had begun to follow him. His mind was elsewhere. Out of habit, he reached up and ran his hand over his head, as if fixing his hair. The air, however, had been interrupted by a smell he had already known.

Before he was able to turn, the words rang out quietly in his direction. He turned still, almost immediately pulling her into his arms before speaking. "Shh," he said. This gesture was not he trying to be nice. He noticed another had been watching the two. It was Zeta, and he wanted her jealous. She had started to grow more of a liking to Marlow, and this actually disgusted him. "Just a moment while the other disappears," he whispered.

She quietly left, and Marlow released Elyse as if nothing had happened. "You followed. I did not expect you to follow."
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king0fthenight on April 13th, 2008 10:03 am (UTC)
He watched her as she began to move throughout the floor. Once inside he had noticed that she felt more comfortable with herself here. It was the place she had come to know after a while. This pleased him greatly. Marlow knew now that she was becoming more confident here; or at least that's what he gathered.

He stepped forth, raising his hand and letting his fingertips swipe the dirtied wall to his right, never pulling his eyes away from Elyse. Yes, she was most definitely getting a better feel in her skin. He could see it with each movement she made. A paper was shuffled and soon after being read. He could not see what it was nor what it said and quite frankly cared very little about it for now. Finally, Marlow jerked his head around to get a better look at his surroundings. Luckily he did not need to really know where he was, however it was nice to have her show him around; it's what she seemed to want to be doing. Parting his lips he tipped his gaze up the stairs upon reaching them. By then Elyse had already skipped up, paper in hand after mentioning to him what was left behind by the previous residents.

Slowly he started to ascend the steps, grazing his hand along the dusty banister until he reached the second floor. Various pieces of glass and the like crunched quietly underneath Marlow's boots, hi stride still a bit slow. "Shame for those who had to live here. Shame they did not live on forever," he mumbled. He had taken a handful of those lives before he made my way down and out to the amusement park that night. However he did not stay to witness all of the crazies being killed off.

Marlow's curiosity had the best of him, so he questioned. "The paper," he said, pointing to Elyse's hand, "What does it say that is important enough for you to want to keep it?"
Pshhhh.o_ubiquitous_o on April 13th, 2008 10:33 am (UTC)
Elyse paused at his first words, struck by how true it was. She bit her lip. "The people here did not take care of them as they should have. They were despicable." Her voice was scathing as she recalled the misuse of sedatives and foceful restraint. Continuing her stride up the stairs, she pushed the door the fourth floor open forcefully, slamming her shoulder into it. The damn thing always got stuck. She turned at his question, cocking her head as she looked down at him.

"It wasn't where it was supposed to be, and I haven't seen it before. I wanted to pour over it later." Elyse replied, her tone light.

The door finally opened, a loud creak as the rusty hinges ground against each other. Walking inside, this floor was much cleaner. This was the intensive treatment area. Breezing over to the nurse's desk, Elyse walked behind it, getting down on her knees and shuffling under it for something. Her hands hit what she was looking for, and she pulled out a medium sized box, filled with yellowing files. Grabbing it and setting it on the top of the desk, she flipped through the papers before shoving the stray file in. Glancing at Marlow, she walked back out and propped the box on her hip. She truly was more comfortable here; comfortable enough to introduce Marlow to her beloved building.

"This is the intensive treatment and residential floor. From what I've gathered, it was mostly for extensive surgery." Elyse shuffled back near Marlow, pointing down the long hallway. "Down there I found many...rotting things." She wrinkled her nose at the memory, but continued to the stairs.

The fifth floor was their destination.
king0fthenight on April 13th, 2008 10:54 am (UTC)
Marlow cocked his head, watching her more closely as she started to slam her body weight into the stubborn door. When she had finally managed to get it open, his gaze glanced back onto the floor he was standing on, letting his sight make one more sweep over the deserted hallway. He turned sharply and stepped up to the next floor, noticing instantly the difference between the two; this one was actually clean.

He felt like such a tourist in this building. Only small bits of memories were slowly floating back to him like lost fish in a seemingly large pond. Marlow knew once he hit the right area, it would all flow much smoother; until then it was all a blur. He leaned against the wall near the staircase, letting Elyse place the file into a collection she had gathered. Nodding at her explanation of what this floor was used for, he noted that she must of worked in a hospital before. He did not need to question this for it was plainly obvious.

Her last words caught his interest like a stranger giving candy to a child. He was highly curious but unaware of what she really must be talking about. "What do you mean by rotting things?" he asked, pushing his frame from the wall and inching his way towards her with a tilt of the head. She had already started to climb the stairs, but he calmly reached out and took a hold of her arm. "You do not have to rush, Elyse," he said quietly. It was starting to irritate him slightly that they had practically flew through each floor. He would have ransacked each room had this not have been her new home. He remembered momentarily when she crept upstairs to the room he forbade both she and Avi to enter and how angry it had made him. But he was not going to do that to her. He respected that.
Pshhhh.o_ubiquitous_o on April 13th, 2008 11:20 am (UTC)
Elyse stopped, looking back at him. He was right, there was no need to rush. She looked down at the floor and adressed his question. "Bodies. Or what....used to be bodies. I'm sorry about rushing. It's just....there's more than one in most of the rooms. I haven't been able to move them yet." She said, dropping the box unceremoniously on the floor and kicking it into a corner. There was no need to carry them until she needed them. A bit hesitant, she waved a hand in the general direction of the hallway, and led him towards it. "I will show you."

She paused at the beginning of the rooms before walking to the second one. Hesitantly, she opened it, looking away while motioning for him to look. On the floor beside the bed was a stinking mass of what resembled a human being. It was a horrid color, and it was sickening to look at. The corpse was so decomposed it was impossible to tell if it was male or female, patient or hospital staff; she figured it was left behind by a vampire. Leaning against the doorway, Elyse looked at Marlow.

"Its occured to me that I never apologised for intruding in your home. I am sorry." Her voice was soft, and she still refused to look at the disgusting thing. It was hard to imagine her stomaching it long enough to haul it away. Along with all the others.
king0fthenight on April 13th, 2008 11:23 am (UTC)
Moving aside, he let her pass and walk to the room she was inquiring about. He knew that she did not want to show him, or rather, she did not want to show herself again what was inside. He kept close to her before she opened the door with a fear she might accidentally peek over at the decomposing pile of flesh and bone.

The door creaked open and quickly Elyse turned away. This, however, intrigued him. He did not mind the body, although it was quite disgusting. Marlow shuffled inside, looking around the room as though there might be more; but there was just this one here. He inched forward and squatted about a foot away, examining the heap with his eyes. There was no need to touch it: the skin might slip from the bone from the looks of how long it might have been here. "I see," he began, turning and looking over his shoulder at her, which she was still turned away, "I can take care of this one later."

He placed his hands on his knees, stood, and headed back to the doorway, blocking the view had she decided to look. "It is in the past, and it was a mistake. Consider yourself lucky," he hissed as his mood fluctuated a bit. Shoving his chest against her to move her out of the way, he shut the door and nodded his chin in the direction of where she wanted to go next. "Remember, our clocks do not tick," meaning, time stands still here.
Pshhhh.o_ubiquitous_o on April 13th, 2008 11:38 am (UTC)
"Thank you..." She said, truly thankful. It struck her to the core, these rotting things. She couldn't really explain why, if she was asked. Moving down the hall, Marlow's mood change was noted. She picked a door with the papers still in the plastic container on the outside. Ignoring them, she opened the door and stepped inside. This room did not contain any of the little horrors. But there was something else.

Shuffling over to the bed, Elyse stepped onto it, lifting her arms above her head and pushing at the ceiling. The section came away easily, and for a moment she groped around inside, almost not tall enough to reach. Drawing her hand out, she brought a stack of letters and a diary. Hopping off the bed with a thump, she set them down. Elyse turned to Marlow.

"The patients here liked to hide things. Especially the terminally ill ones. Only their trusted ones knew where to find them." She said offhandedly, as she picked her way across the room to the window. This view was only a section of the front garden, but she scanned it anyway. No movement. Elyse turned back to the bed, accidentally bumping into the bedside table. It rattled noisily. Tilting her head, she opened it, pulling out a bottle of pills.

She'd forgotten to check it earlier. Reading the label she mumbled to herself, opening the bottle and examining a pill. Elyse thought for a moment before her eyes darkened a bit. "Those idiots.....this was the wrong medication. They were poisoning this patient." Her voice was a whisper, as if she didn't know she was talking aloud.
king0fthenight on April 13th, 2008 08:36 pm (UTC)
Marlow followed as it was the only thing he could think of to do. It was not his place to just go wandering off, even though he would have liked to. Around Elyse he did not feel like such a leader: just another older comrade. He took a liking to the door frame of the room she entered and leaned against it to the left, shoving his hands into his pockets loosely, so that he could remove them with ease if he had to.

Elyse climbed the bed and fiddled with the ceiling until a part of it jiggled loose for her to rummage inside. Her arms returned with more papers; more of which Marlow hadn't a clue what they said or what they were, until Elyse's feet met the floor and she turned to tell him as though she knew what he was thinking. He nodded slowly but remained quiet, watching her now go to the window, then back again to the nightstand.

As much as hearing that the patient who once lived here was being poisoned did not bother him, it was the fact that it actually happened. He did not know who this person was and most likely he killed whoever it had been years ago. Knowing that the patient was being poisoned stirred up a bit of anger within Marlow. Although Elyse did not necessarily mean to speak aloud, he replied. "Humans and their deceiving ways with others. They cannot bear to think that the mind does not always fall upon flowers, sunny days, or whatever else that makes them happy. Even the mind can go crazy without the owner's consent," he said, lowering his head. "I kill no matter, and when I think of it, I consider that I did these patients a favor."
Pshhhh.o_ubiquitous_o on April 14th, 2008 12:20 am (UTC)
As she pondered his words, Elyse flung the pills angrily back into the drawer. He was right, in a sense. Most of the patients here, killing them had been an act of mercy. So many of the insane upstairs were mistreated, misunderstood. Sighing, she plopped herself on the bed, picking up the diary. She did not open it, but fiddled with it instead. If she read it, the guilt would bother her for days. This was not her property. Looking at Marlow she stood up, and led him out the door. The door shut with a snap behind them. As she led him to the very end of the hallway, she extended on his comment.

"It is not uncommon for doctors to poison their patients to keep them here. The longer they stay, the higher the bills become. While this is happening, the patient becomes sick in the mind as well as the rest of the body. It is a disgusting practice." Elyse spoke from experience. She had visited many a hospital that did this. She had killed any staff member involved.

She turned back to Marlow, walking backwards. "There are only two more rooms in this hallway that I'd like to show you. The rest are.....unfit for visitors." Elyse said, as they reached the end of the hallway. On the left there was a regular door, but directly in front of them was a set of double doors. Standin back, she motioned for him to choose one. They would eventually see both, but one held more interest than the other. It made things more interesting, if she wasn't the one making all the decisions; she didn't own this building, after all.
king0fthenight on April 14th, 2008 03:30 am (UTC)
Pushing from the frame and following Elyse away from the room, the door closed with a rather loud click that echoed throughout the hall. The two of them made their way to the end as she began to tell him a bit more about the practices of a hospital such as this one. He said nothing but shook his head a bit to show her that he was listening. It was doleful really, but Marlow did not have the volume to be sympathetic; he, after all, did kill a number of them.

As they reached the end, Elyse pointed out two separate doors for him to choose from: double-doors and a single, very plain door. There were times like these when choosing the lesser of the two would let on a bigger disillusion than the more engrossing of the two, but here he was going to opt for the latter. He nudged his chin to the double-doors, like a command for her to open them, and waited.
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Pshhhh.: Elyse - Orangeo_ubiquitous_o on April 21st, 2008 05:53 pm (UTC)
Elyse blanched, letting out a sigh. She tossed the clock back into the pile, nearly smashing it. Still for a moment she comtemplated setting the lot of it on fire. Bending down, she snatched up a doll, examined it, then turned around and flung it with all her might at the wall. The porcelain thing shattered. She turned to Marlow, spirits renewed. "There's always somewhere someone doesn't bother to check......like the ceiling, for example." Her voice had an odd tone to it, as if she were speaking from personal experience. The thought of Zeta being in on the plan occured to Elyse and she chuckled to herself as she walked over to the door.

She waved Marlow out, shutting and locking the door behind him. "We don't want to linger too long. The....whatever the hell it is, could come back." There were footsteps down from the fifth story staircase now, as Elyse spoke. Whoever it was moved to the hallway entrance, looking down at them. It was the vampire Elyse had spoken to earlier. Dante, she believed his name was. He blinked for a moment, before nodding to the both of them and descending the next flight of stairs. The younger turned to her guest.

"That was Dante. He wanders here sometimes."
king0fthenight on April 23rd, 2008 08:41 am (UTC)
"Is that so?" Marlow questioned. He wasn't stupid, her tone carried something other than a suggestive remark. He did not press the issue. If she had wanted to speak about her past, then she would. However, this wasn't to say that Marlow wouldn't pry at times. If he wanted something heard that badly, he would violently pick and prod until the subject would come clean or die.

He ignored the shattering doll before her comment, as though it never happened, and glanced up at the ceiling like he were looking for something. A small shrug erupted throughout his shoulders before he turned to walk out, letting Elyse close and lock the door behind the two. Soon after, footsteps were heard from above. Marlow's head quickly leaned back as his eyes grazed the exposed upper stairwell. His facial expressions stayed neutral. He had never seen this person before, but knew it was one of their kind, so there was nothing to really worry about. If this new comer decided to be a prick, then there would be some consequences.

Marlow looked back at Elyse and whispered, not directing it to anyone but himself, "Dante."

(( Wow sorry that took me so long. Writer's block really had a hold of me there. ))
Pshhhh.: Elyse- Micheviouso_ubiquitous_o on April 23rd, 2008 10:28 pm (UTC)
Elyse smirked a bit as Marlow watched Dante carefully. So...the hadn't met before. She noted this as she walked down the hallway, locking her hands behind her back and humming quietly. Oh, yes; she was definitely in a good mood now. They arrived at the stairwell, and Elyse carefully picked up her box of files, adjusting it on her hip as she rifled through the box. There was a small note on the top. She blinked as she read it, leaning against the stairwell entrance.

As I'm sure you are aware, there is something else living in this hospital. It is, in fact, a vampire, but he is different from us. I have only spotted him once, and his mental state is not stable at all. Proceed with caution, for he can be just as quiet and powerful as we are. His strength is slightly more than that of us, as his insanity grants him no bounds. Be careful.

- Dante

She read it aloud for Marlow, not knowing if he would care or not. She hissed under her breath and crumpled it, shoving it back into the box. Elyse stood still for a moment before she smiled lightly at Marlow. "Well now that we have that little tidbit, the fifth floor is the next stop. The Mental Health ward." With that she led him up the stairs, her pace a bit slower than before. Her mind was full of thoughts, each having to do with the odd little roomate she had.
king0fthenight on April 25th, 2008 11:35 am (UTC)
Marlow carefully placed his hands into his coat pockets as if something inside of them was waiting to bite his fingers off. He lowered his gaze down the stairwell, almost forgetting that he had even just seen the new face called Dante. As long as he did not get into Marlow's way, there would be no problem.

His attention was adverted by the sound of Elyse's voice. She was reading what seemed like a letter about the creature living in the room they had both just exited. He quirked a brow, standing very still as she read. Another vampire? Living in that room? Interesting, to say the least; it wasn't as much of a surprise as maybe it should have been. His own words about there being a human left behind were very doubtful and this just proved them to be untrue.

"How did you meet this Dante?" he asked, pushing the words of the letter aside but keeping them for later use.
Pshhhh.o_ubiquitous_o on April 25th, 2008 06:21 pm (UTC)
Elyse blinked at his question, turning back to him. "I had a queston about how many days were left. He was the first person I could find. He is the only other vampire I've actually seen here." Was her reply, her tone thoughtful. Dante was an interesting character; he hadn't been rude or snippish with her, but quiet and patient. She wondered why Marlow was so interested in him; it wasn't as if he was posing any threat. There was a howl as the wind blew fiercely outside for a moment, snow flinging everywhere. Elyse stopped at the staircase window to look out at it, unbothered by how quickly the weather changed. She shrugged and continued up the stairs, glancing at Marlow as the door came into sight.

"This section, I think, will truly bring to light how much of a blessing that massacre was to these patients."

Elyse had shoved Dante, and the note to a far corner of her mind, focusing instead on her favorite part of the tour. The files had revealed to her how the mental health patients were really treated; it riled her whenever she thought of how pitiful the doctors were. The slimy bastards.

((Eh. It's kinda crappy, I'm sorry. :( ))
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Pshhhh.: Elyse- Redo_ubiquitous_o on May 5th, 2008 11:46 pm (UTC)
Elyse looked at him for a moment, silent. Without a word she led him from the room, not bothering to close the door. Back into the lobby they went, Elyse walking briskly to a door near the desk; it led to the roof. Opening it, she tromped up the stairs, ignoring how the temprature dropped considerably. At the top of the stairs, there was a landing, and as they reached it, the younger threw it open, subtlety be damned. Wind howled as the Elyse walked out onto the roof.

Immediately, she spotted her roomate. He was standing at the far end of the roof, watching them out of the corners of his eyes. He was wearing the standard white top and bottom of the mental health patients, the clothese suprisingly clean. His hair was dark, and his eyes donned dark cirlces under them; he didn't look a day older than Elyse herself. He tilted his head, staring at the both of them openly now.

"I wondered when you would come up here.......took you such a long time, didn't think you would...." His voice was raspy, quiet, and barely discernible in the wind. Elyse didn't move, but replaced her hands in her pockets, looking at him steadily.
king0fthenight on May 6th, 2008 05:02 am (UTC)
Marlow immediately followed, taking no time to stop and look at anything they might have passed that would interest him. A snarl bore itself on his face, but it wasn't too large to show any more than a flick of intimidation.

Finally they had reached the stairs, then the landing, and just as quickly the door was pushed open. Marlow stepped out after Elyse in a slow stride out into the open. The cold air hit him like a ton of bricks, but it was love; pure love. The cold was just as good to him as the dark, and he never once minded either.

A figure stood in the far corner of the roof, his white clothing blowing lightly in the wind accompanied by a soft flapping sound. He looked young, perhaps as young as Elyse. His eyes were circled so dark that he thought he might have been the living dead (a.k.a. zombie). Marlow stood his ground some 3 feet from Elyse's right, his head tilting just as slightly as the stranger's. He wanted to say something; in fact, he wanted to do something. But he did neither, and kept his mouth shut.
Pshhhh.: Gaspard Ulliel - Frownyo_ubiquitous_o on May 8th, 2008 12:48 am (UTC)
Elyse crossed her arms in front of her as the boy stood up and walked closer, stopping about ten feet from them. The two stared eachother down, each with the petulant look of defiance in their eyes. The boy smiled, insanity brightening it. His eyes flickered between Elyse and Marlow. "Surprising you feel safe around him. So much bigger than ya' little one! Aren't ya afraid of what he might do? Like....the soldier man." He said, whispering the last part. Elyse's blue eyes burned and she dropped her arms to her sides, clenching her hands into fists.

He was baiting her, and she knew it. If she responded, he would no doubt get the upper hand quickly. She looked over at Marlow, her face filled with a kind of hidden desperation. That tidbit of information was not supposed to be revealed to him, or anyone else for that matter. She was aware that she showed a few typical signs of rape trauma, but what she didn't know, was how the insane twit in front of her knew. Elyse tilted her head at him. He stared back at her. "Ezekiel. My name is Ezekiel." He said.
king0fthenight on May 8th, 2008 05:11 am (UTC)
The soft wind clung to Marlow's face like a leech. He closed it eyes in amusement. Both the words of this boy and the air around them made his body tingle. He could kill the boy if he was crazy enough to try anything.

Marlow opened his eyes, listening intently to what he had to say. The kid was crazy, that was obvious, but he wouldn't let that be his escape to a proper beat down if he needed it. The statement seemed to echo, hanging in the air and laughing in Elyse's face, taunting her. She looked shocked, yet angry, and Marlow could only decipher one reason as to why.

The soldier man did something to her. Something terrible, but Marlow couldn't place his finger on what. He looked sideways at her quickly, his eyes darkening more than before (if that was even possible). He bared his teeth at the boy before shifting his eyes at Elyse. It all became clear to him. This soldier man must have been the one who had changed her. Marlow had never seen her so hurt, angry and nervous all at the same time (even if they had only been around one another twice). It pained her to even hear it.

"You know this boy?" He asked, shooting an extended finger at Ezekiel with a snarl.
Pshhhh.: Elyse - Orangeo_ubiquitous_o on May 8th, 2008 05:40 am (UTC)
"No. The little bastard is just too inquisitive for his own good." Elyse spat, looking Ezekiel disdainfully. The boy giggled and swung his hands behind him, smiling at Elyse as if nothing were wrong. He moved a bit closer; this drew attention to the fact that he was barefoot. That explained the light footsteps. Elyse was shaking with restraint. She couldn't hurt him; not yet. Ezekiel snickered and looked at Marlow curiously, his brown eyes huge on his face.

"She hasn't told ya huh? Girly girly here has been keepin' some secrets!" He spun in a circle, winking at Elyse, who's eyes widened in horror as he continued. "The soldier man did terrible stuff....raped her he did. Then! Years and years and years later, he turned her into," here he paused, wagging his finger "a monster."

At this, there was almost an audible snap from Elyse's direction. Her eyes never left Ezekiel, her nails drawing blood from her palms. Her mind was racing. The little bastard had snuck into her room of residence in the mental wing; Elyst just knew it. There was no other way he could have found out that much.
king0fthenight on May 8th, 2008 08:37 am (UTC)
A flicker of sadness disrupted his anger. He did not care to know Elyse's past unless she wanted it. It was clear that she did not. This Ezekiel bastard should have his limbs torn from his body, but Marlow was not going to label himself as the killer. It should be Elyse doing the damage.

He cocked his head again, casting her a look then glancing over at the boy. "Raped?" he whispered through clenched teeth. No matter if he knew the woman or not, a man should never put his hands on a woman to harm her (unless her name was Zeta). It was so long ago, that it would be pointless to ask the man's name. He was most likely dead anyhow. But still, Marlow wanted to kill him all over again just for the pleasure.

Finally his feet took him to the boy slowly, the pebbles that scattered the rooftop crunching beneath his footsteps. An outstretched hand quickly clung to Ezekiel's throat, squeezing tightly. Marlow wasn't going to kill him; no, he had gone over this in his head seconds earlier.

"Chiuda la vostra bocca prima che strappi la vostra linguetta da esso," he hissed. It was times like these that when he was angry, he couldn't help but speaking in his native tongue. Ezekiel laughed slightly, gripping his arm and raising a bushy brow at the words.

Rather than repeating himself in English, he tossed the kid onto the ground and turned his back, leaving the two of them a handful of yards away.

They could deal with each other, but he wasn't going to leave entirely.
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