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06 April 2008 @ 11:19 pm
Who: Reese and... (OPEN)
What: Coming home, then leaving again.
Where: Reese's Parents House/Streets
When: 11:00 pm

Sitting against the cold building was the least of her mountain of worries. She worried most about what her mother would say or perhaps do when she walked into the house. Reese had in fact been missing for quite a while, but her mother, as mean as she was, would be more upset if she were to return rather than stay gone. Out of sight, out of mind was probably the best phrase to use in this case. Besides, if Reese were to run inside yelling about monsters, her mother would then have a good reason to send her off to a psych ward.

Slowly, she stood, wrapping her dirtied coat tighter around herself then ever before. She had yet to find the police station, that being the first place she wanted to go after escaping from her captures. But she had to settle for home. Maybe dad was back from his trip. Reese crossed the street, taking caution to all of the places one could hide. She quickened her pace, climbing the steps and reaching the door. Taking one last look around, she stepped inside. 'Unlocked, what are they, nuts?' she thought, slamming the door to get some attention. Nothing. She reached back to repeat the action, but decided that it would be best to just lock it. So, in replace to her good intentions, she kicked the door a few times.

"Hello?!" she yelled, taking a few steps towards the dining area. The table was set, but something smelled awful. "What the, that's sick," she managed through her hands, clutching her face as she continued to walk. At close range, she noticed that food had already been partly eaten from the plates. The food, however, was a bit rotten. There was no way that her own mother would be that out of her mind about a lost child to want to eat rotten food. Something was terribly wrong, and although she did not want to trek further, her adventurous trait got the best of her.

First a set table, now rotten food. The lights were on, and the door was unlocked. The food was partly eaten, so whatever it was that disturbed the dinner, made them leave rather quickly. But something was out of place. A couple of the chairs were knocked over. Reese stopped where she stood, a foot away from the door-less entry to the kitchen. She had pulled her shirt up and over her nose, holding it there as she listened. Someone was still here; she wasn't about to start yelling. The setting was way to strange to go around yelling like an idiot when anyone could be inside. The noise sounded like footsteps. The house creaked in certain areas when stepped on, so it wouldn't be too hard to determine where they were coming from; which was far away in the other room.

She took in a deep breath and turned the corner to the kitchen. Her eyes widened. There lay her mother, face down on the ground in a dried dark pool of her own blood. Her throat had been torn from her body, but from where Reese was standing, she could not really tell. She let out a shriek, stepping back and tripping over the fallen chair. The steps grew louder and heavier as she scrambled to her feet to reach the front door. The steps had a voice, and the voice had a body. There he stood, howling before trying to lunge himself at Reese.

Fortunately she was able to swing open the door before turning around to take a good look. It was her father. He hadn't changed fully, but enough to want to do the same thing to her as he had done to her mother. Reese slammed the door in tears before tripping her way in fear back to the streets for anyone she could find.
better_run on April 7th, 2008 09:54 pm (UTC)
Micah stepped out of the inn, pulling on his hat and gloves. He had just arrived last night, and he still wasn't used to the cold. The snow crunched beneath his boots as he walked down the deserted street. Then a scream, followed by an unearthly howl, broke the silence. Without thinking, Micah began running towards the source of the sound. He knew that sound, and he was itching to do something, anything, after several days of travel.

Soon he glimpsed a girl stumbling into the street. Micah stopped short in front of her and almost slipped. Damn ice. He glanced at her, not bothering to ask what happened, then looked to the door, expecting it to burst open at any moment. He took the girl's arm. "Get behind me," he said.
snowarcher on April 7th, 2008 11:23 pm (UTC)
Reese stood after her long fall to the ground, looking in the opposite direction that Micah had appeared. Before she could respond, her head whipped around as he took hold of her arm with an order. She furrowed her brows in confusion but listened, tipping herself behind his body and shivering from both the cold and fear.

"It's... it's..." she began, unable to spit out what she was trying to say. He wouldn't believe her anyway. Or would he? She had never seen him before, but there were a lot of new people stumbling into town as of late, so it wasn't too unusual to spot a new face. Something, however, was different with him, but she ignored it.

Her father, or what once was her father, slowly began to open the door. It stopped, and then silence, as though he were waiting or perhaps he had sensed someone else's presence and fled.
better_run on April 7th, 2008 11:43 pm (UTC)
Micah heard the door creak, saw it move a centimeter and the hair on his neck stood on end. But then it seemed to be gone. Though Micah was curious and edgy, he didn't want to push his luck so early in the game. He looked down at the girl again--she seemed to be pretty shook up, but ok. "Do you know where the police station is?"
snowarcher on April 8th, 2008 09:47 am (UTC)
At this point she wanted to rip her hair out. She had been looking for the police station ever since she managed to leave her so-called prison, but was unsuccessful. Coming home was her last choice.. Or rather, her second choice; there was no third. Thinking, she slowly shook her head, folding her arms against her chest with a frown. "I've been looking. I've never been there but this town is so damn small I should know where it.. I know!" she grabbed hold of him and shook. "A few blocks that way. On the corner of Lockhart and Peck," she said with a bit of excitement. She shouldn't be excited, but she was.

better_run on April 8th, 2008 11:51 pm (UTC)
"Uh," said Micah, "Ok, let's go." He began following the girl to the police station, glancing around every few seconds for any signs of movement. He still wasn't completely sure why he was doing this. Usually, he didn't care if people got attacked--but he'd never been in a position to prevent it, either. Besides, this was just a kid.

"Has this happened before to you?" Micah asked suddenly.
snowarcher on April 9th, 2008 12:58 am (UTC)
Her pace slowed to a stop at his question. She didn't want to look like an idiot, nodding her head away like a child, but she couldn't tell a lie (even if she was somewhat good at it). "Um, well.. Yes," she said, knotting her hands slightly in a shy manner. "But not with him," she said a bit louder speaking about her father. There was no room to cry about it now, though.

Slowly, she headed off again, but not in a hurried pace.
better_run on April 9th, 2008 11:16 pm (UTC)
Micah frowned. How could this little girl have escaped multiple vampire attacks? Just luck?
Though he was still curious, he decided not to push her with more questions. He could see the police station ahead.
"Go on and tell them exactly what happened," he told her, "and don't go out while it's dark alone again, ok."
snowarcher on April 10th, 2008 01:06 am (UTC)
She stepped forward, but then stopped to look back. Who was this person, anyways? And, why was he helping her? Either way, she was glad that he did. She wanted to ask his name, or anything that would help identify who he was, but she skipped that idea.

"I.. Um.. Well, thanks," she said, pulling her coat on more. Wrinkling her brows, she then smiled before running up the steps inside the station. All those inside nearly stopped just to look at her. A girl, cold, dirty, and somewhat scared standing at the doorway sure was a sight to see.

She gulped, and shouted. "My mother is dead. My father.. He.. He.. Killed her," she stumbled over her words, unsure of what to say when mentioning her father. From there, the police took hold of her, shoving her into the office with the Sheriff for further questioning.