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14 April 2008 @ 10:17 am
 Who: Avi and whoever might be lurking about
What: Examining the new surroundings
Where: The old Juneau local library
When: 2 a.m.

The remainder of the night, and well into the day, (not that it really mattered what time it was, without the sun around to drive her into hiding), Avi wandered the long, darkened corridors of Juneau's old local library. It was surprisingly large, considering its location, and the small amount of people who would have frequented it, but this didn't bother her; the large selection of books, in which she was pleasantly surprised to find several she had not already read, would keep the place interesting when she moved in. 

An even more pleasant surprise was stumbling the manager's room, on the top level of the building. Whoever had owned the library previously, apparently had also lived above it. Avi had had to kick the door in to get inside; apparently, who ever had lived here had locked up and left, thinking that they'd be back from whatever errand in a short while. Not qute the case. Everything inside seemed in order, but dusty; it was clear some sort of cleaning would have to be done.  It was not so much that the dust bothered her senses, but she didn't like it on her things. And they were her things now. There were also several large windows above both the abandoned bed and the fire place which would have to be blacked out eventually, before the sun made its not-so-grand reappearance. 

Turning from the room, stepping carefully over the door she had knocked out, she continued on with her study of the place. Libraries always seemed to have stories to tell that had nothing to do with the written page, and she was determined to discover some of them before she had to go back out. To feed.
Pshhhh.o_ubiquitous_o on April 14th, 2008 11:39 pm (UTC)
Elyse frowned as she stared up at the library. Her dilemma was starting to really piss her off. Should she knock, or just go inside? She knew that Avi had taken her residence in the building, but there was a book Elyse was looking for. And, she figured it might be nice to visit the woman. They hadn't talked much since they met. Pacing in the snow, the girl cursed to herself in German, a rare thing. She glanced up at the windows, catching movement. Backing up, she waved one arm, trying to get Avi's attention.

"Hello? Avi?" She said, her voice loud. Vampires had excellent hearing, even from that far away.

Elyse continued to walk backwards, careful not to trip over anything. She stopped waving her arm and waited for Avi to notice her. There was no movement here around the library. Looking around, Elyse froze when she spotted a very familiar house. Marlow's. Wincing, she scooted closer to the building. She was quite aware that he wasn't used to company, and with his mood swings, he could very likely be angry at the moment. Other than that, the man was quite pleasant. Remembering the little 'upstairs' incident with irritation, Elyse sighed.

The Fates have an odd sense of humor. She thought glumly.
avariuchiha06avariuchiha06 on April 15th, 2008 12:13 am (UTC)
Avi was on her way back to the lower level from the upstairs room, when a slight movement outside caught her attention. She quickly darted back into the shadow of the hallway. If it was a human outside, she didn't want to ruin her cover this early on, and miss a possible meal. Upon closer inspection, however, she realized it was Elyse, the girl she had met during their visit with Marlow. A small smile curved her face, and she eased out of the darkness towards the window. Opening it, she leaned out, flickering a glance towards Marlow's house for a moment, before looking down at the girl, small smile still in place.

"Well well...hello Elyse!" Avi shouted down to the younger girl, in her usual bemused tone. "I think the door is still unlocked down there, feel free to come in. I'm in a company sort of mood still, tonight." With that, she moved away from the window, and jumped the last flights of stairs, landing with a soft 'fwump!' in the lobby area on the first floor. She walked briskly to the front doors, and, pulling them open, swung an arm inward in welcome.
Pshhhh.o_ubiquitous_o on April 15th, 2008 04:00 am (UTC)
Smiling a bit, Elyse moved towards the door, trudging through the snow quickly. Entering the building, she looked up at Avi. Dammit. Even this woman was taller than her. But at least she wasn't as tall as Marlow. He made her feel like a dwarf. Shaking herself from her tangent, the younger looked around curiously, locking her hands behind her back. As she scanned the stacks of books, she noticed how incredibly dusty everything had become. Elyse tilted her head.

"I apologise for intruding like this. I haven't been here before, and I figured it might have a book I needed." She said, turning back to her welcoming host. "I also wanted to visit you. We didn't have much a chance to talk now did we?"

Elyse's tone was light; her mood was considerably lighter since she'd been living in the hospital. But now, she was a bit wary of her surroundings. She did not know Avi like she did Marlow. Her moods and manner were unknown to her; it made her a bit closed. There was also the fact that she hadn't had any real female contact other than the idiot Zeta, and the blond (dead) minion. It was refreshing.
avariuchiha06avariuchiha06 on April 15th, 2008 04:16 am (UTC)
Avi returned the younger girl's smile, unbothered when she turned away from her to examine the place. At her apology for the intrusion, she waved a dismissive hand. "Honestly, its nice to have a bit of company right now. As you can see," here, she swung her arms out wide, gesturing to the place in general, "...There's some work that needs to be done around here. The only apology owed is to you, for having to deal with the dust." She said, cracking her neck and looking around, frowning thoughtfully. The expression didn't denote any specific emotion, it was just something she did from time to time. She broke out of her thoughts to answer Elyse once more.

"Actually, no, we didn't. But I have a feeling we ought to get to know eachother a bit...I'm not sure if you've noticed, but the female population around her sort of...well...is a bit sub-par." She said, quirking a slight smile. The only other girl Avi had met aside from Elyse was Zeta, and she was not particularly interested to meet her again. She'd never been one to suffer fools, and the red-head seemed to be one of the worst sort.

After a moment, Avi shook herself free of her thoughts, and turned her attention towards Elyse once more. The girl was smaller than her, and younger, but there was a strength and intelligence about her that Avi immediately liked. She could also tell that the other girl was slightly uncomfortable. She was not offended; they didn't know eachother epecially well, and Avi didn't really know any more about Elyse's buttons than the girl knew about hers. Caution was always best. Avi smiled in what she hoped was a facilitating, amiable fashion, and gestured towards the main library. "As for books, help yourself. There's quite a few around here even I haven't read yet, so the place is well stocked. Would you like the tour of the place? Or did you already have a certain title in mind?" She asked, feeling sort of like a tour-guidey librarian. She'd never been a very good host, persay, but it was nice to have some friendly company, nonetheless.
Pshhhh.o_ubiquitous_o on April 15th, 2008 04:31 am (UTC)
Elyse smiled, now more comfortable. "It's befitting though, the dust. A perfectly clean library is boring." She trailed her finger over a dusty table, as if to prove a point. Turning at the other's comment on the population, her michevious smile returned. "Ah. I take it you've met Zeta? It makes me pity Marlow a bit. She follows him like an eager puppy."

She could feel Avi examining her a bit, but she didn't mind. Most other vampires here were the same. Sizing someone up was the norm here; it was better to be prepared for anything. The problem was, the rest of them only saw her size and age. They underestimated her to the point of pure arrogance; many of them did not live to reasess their thoughts. Case in point, the blond now rotting near the hospital. Pulling herself from her thoughts, Elyse thought on her host's comment on the books. She looked up at the shelves and shelves of books. Oh, yes. She had many in mind. She glanced at Avi.

"I would like the tour very much. I do have a few titles in mind, but they can wait. What concerns them isn't particularly pressing." She answered, her blue eyes bright. The books she wanted mostly covered medical terminology, although many of them were novels and fantasy books. Elyse quite enjoyed transporting herself into another world, being somewhat of a supernatural creature herself.
avariuchiha06avariuchiha06 on April 15th, 2008 04:53 am (UTC)
Avi returned the slightly mischevious grin with a snarky one of her own. "Oh, yes. Not directly, of course, but i've seen her. And the way she hover's behind Marlow like a pup begging for scraps. She's...utterly ridiculous, really. Wish she'd leave the man alone...he's got enough to deal with without her foolish self stalking about. You've met her too, yea?" It was more of a rhetorical statement than anything else, and she dropped the subject of the red-head without further comment.

Upon furthur inspection, Avi noticed a few odd injuries on Elyse's face and arms. She said nothing about it, however. If it was something Elyse wanted her to know about, she'd say something, and if not, it was not really her business to pry. Her visage brightened slightly when Elyse agreed to the tour. It was perhaps an odd quirk of Avi's, but she enjoyed books and libraries immensely, and tended to get slightly excited when she found someone that was interested, as well. She turned slightly towards the stairs, motioning Elyse to follow. "The downstairs is just basic stuff, as far as I can tell, coding desks and the reference kiosk. The interesting stuff is upstairs," she flashed a bit of a grin, before turning to lead the way up. She didn't elucidate on what made the upstairs so interesting; it would be evident when they got there.
Pshhhh.o_ubiquitous_o on April 15th, 2008 10:05 pm (UTC)
At Avi's description of Zeta, Elyse laughed lightly. It was so accurate, she almost couldn't believe it. She smiled up at Avi. "It gets better. She's become highly jealous and volitle towards me. She's become quite attached to poor Marlow. Just the other day, a blond vampire tackled me off the top of the hospital's roof. We had a quick scuffle, nothing serious. But later, Zeta sent her after me again. Only this time, I was in the company of Marlow. She's dead now." Her tone was matter of fact as she followed her host up.

Listening to the description of the downstairs, Elyse was struck by how similiar she had been with Marlow in her tour of the hospital. But she was interested to know what was upstairs. All of abandoned Juneau seemed to hold hidden secrets, little things here and there that made life interesting.
avariuchiha06avariuchiha06 on April 15th, 2008 11:22 pm (UTC)
Avi eyed her company incredulously for a moment. "You mean...she actually sent someone after you, right under Marlow's nose? Goodness, I knew she was foolish, but that actually borders on suicidal. What a waste of space. If that's the case, and she keeps up stunts like that, she may well get her wish." Avi said, running her tongue along her teeth for a moment in irritation at the red-head. The fate of the blonde didn't surprise her; Elyse looked well able to handle herself, in any case...and at least that explained where the marks had come from. It was Elyse's matter-of-fact tone about the victory that made her chuckle. Yes...she definitly liked this one.

She saw Elyse spare an odd glance between herself and the first floor, and paused midway up the stairs, eyebrow arched slightly. But her guest was already following her up the stairs, and so she shrugged, and set off again. The second floor itself was lined with a deep burgundy carpetting. It started out at the stair-well hallway, and opened up into a large, rotund, egg-shaped room, that had odd little kite looking things dangling from the ceiling. The books here all had a common theme - fantasy/science fiction - and there were small poufs located all over the room, especially gathered by the currently empty fire place. While Avi may have had distaste for the humans themselves, she could not fault them on the comfort of their decorating. The shelves themselves extended into darkness in both directions; the collection was extensive. She turned to Elyse with a small grin. "I do apologise if this isn't exactly as interesting as what you imagined, but...taking this as a stepping-stone to the rest of the library, I'm sure you'll find whatever titles you were looking for and more." She said softly, eyeing her guest. For a moment, she felt a twinge of self-consciousness, but shrugged it off, and continued. "The upper levels get even more interesting as you climb. These humans seemed to have an affinity for hiding things high up off the ground." She said, arching an eyebrow enigmatically. "Feel free to have a look around, we can continue whenever you'd like...all we've got is time, right?" She said, grinning her odd, bemused grin at Elyse before walking over and picking up one of the dislodged kites, dusting it off and chucking it into the empty fireplace for later disposal.

(( >.> I'm sorry if this is a bit boring right now...I love libraries. T.T))
Pshhhh.o_ubiquitous_o on April 15th, 2008 11:49 pm (UTC)
Elyse nodded happily, not at all bothered by the idea of Zeta being murdered. "I was surprised myself. She is such a bother..." She said, almost tiredly. Drama with the foolish twit was starting to tire her. She wondered if she should just end it sooner than later, just to make things easier. Shrugging off her planning for later, Elyse stared in awe around at the room they had entered. She could already see that this was going to be a room she would like. A lot. Nodding as Avi spoke, the girl trailed her fingers over the spines of books, mouth shut tightly. She was giddy with excitement; books had always been a favorite past time for her. She turned to Avi.

"No no! It's lovely. This just happens to be one of my favorite genre's, fantasy. I'm a sucker for fairy tales." She admitted, her blue eyes twinkling. Elyse looked up at the kites, oddly warmed by how these humans decorated the building. It brought her back to her days at home, as a child. When dark times did not exist. Casting a thoughtful look at her host, Elyse gently slipped a book from the shelf. It was one she hadn't read before, an illustrated collection of fairy tales. She read through a few pages, smiling softly. Shutting the book with a sigh, Elyse slid it back into it's proper place and continued to browse the shelves.

(( *pokes* It's not boring! Not at all! I love libraries too. I don't get to spend much time in them unfortunately.))
avariuchiha06avariuchiha06 on April 16th, 2008 04:06 pm (UTC)
Avi nodded, pleased. "It's always been mine, as well. Used to read quite a bit...before." She said, patting one of the shelves fondly. She watched Elyse take one of the books from the shelves, studying it with a soft smile, before sliding it back into its place. "You can take that, if you'd like...I'm no librarian, and far be it from me to deny a fellow connoisseur," She said, favoring her guest with a goodnatured wink.

She gave Elyse a few more moments to explore the room, being sure to let her see it full, before gesturing towards the stairs once more. "Are you ready for the next floor? They seemed to have everything organized by genre, so...I don't know if you're much of a horror/suspense person, but...the 'architecture' of the next floor is enough to denote its merits." She said, leaning against the door frame comfortably, waiting to see if Elyse was ready to move on.

((*jiggles* ^.^; I'm really glad its not boring. I think its amusing to wander through a library from the perspective of vampires...that don't have to dust if they don't feel like it....>.>))
Pshhhh.o_ubiquitous_o on April 16th, 2008 10:30 pm (UTC)
Elyse looked over at Avi, ecstatic. Her voice was sincere. "Thank you! I'll return it the moment I'm finished!" The younger vampire's face was happy as she gently pulled the book out again, tucking it safely in her arms. Looking around for a moment, she nodded at Avi, ready to move on. If her hostess permitted it, she would come back and visit the section soon again.

"Oh yes! I quite like horror. A bit ironic though considering...well." Elyse pointed to the both of them, her smile michevious. A vampire reading a horror novel. Big surprise there. She trotted up near Avi, hoping the next section was just as fullfilling as this one was.

((*pokes* I don't think dust bothers them much. Vanity doesn't seem to be a big thing with the. XD))
avariuchiha06avariuchiha06 on April 17th, 2008 04:16 pm (UTC)
Avi returned the expression with a pleased nod. Really, to find a kindred spirit in this regard was quite exciting. At least now she would have someone to pass the time with, on the long days when the sun returned. "Of course, you're welcome back any time after this. I'd welcome the company, when the sun comes back." she said, frowning distastfully out one of the still darkened windows.

Avi grinned, flashing a bit of her sharpened teeth, her dark eyes sparkling for a moment. "Oh, Ironic, indeed...but at least we can look at it from a critic's point of view. See if these humans truly understand horror in its truest form. Mostly, they do not. But the stories are interesting nonetheless." She said, before turning slightly to head up the stairs once more.

The next level was decorated in the style of someone who had never left the dark ages. It gave the feel of walking from a modernized room, into the foyer of a castle in mourning. It was quite surreal, and while Avi was not sure how the general architecture of the building allowed for this, she did not question it. The walls were made out of large, rough-hewn gray stones, stacked together like castle walls, and the walls themselves, as well as the windows, were all covered with layered black and garnet colored drapes. There were several fireplaces here, as well as more poufs that matched the color scheme, and instead of different kite-flyers, there was a large chandellier, that looked like it was make of crystal. Again, the books and shelves sprawled off into darkness on both ends. This time, however, she had a specific book in mind, and wandered down the isles to the right, before stopping and disappearing down one of the back shelves. She spared a quick glance behind her to make sure Elyse was still following, before stopping and pulling out a large, black, leather-bound book with gold linings. The paper inside it was thin enough to have been Bible paper, and she handled it with extreme care before turning and handing it to Elyse.

"I..don't know if you were much of a fan of Poe, but...those are all of his works. If you'd be interested to skim through them sometime." She said, eyeing her new friend thoughtfully. After a moment, Avi quirked her head away from Elyse, angling it towards the ceiling, "I'm glad Marlow and the rest happened to clear the humans out of this building, along with the others. It would have been a shame to waste such a collection on children such as them." She said this quietly, more thinking out loud than really talking to anyone. She looked drawn, as though she had mentally strayed far away from the library for a moment. She shook herself out of it quickly, though, and looked back towards her guest, studying her silently. She wasn't going to rush the girl...they had both fed recently, and as the humans probably weren't going to be venturing out again tonight, there was no real need to rush things.

((No, nonono...I don't think they care much about their appearance, or the appearance of things at all. Seems like that would be an easier way to live, though, right? XDDD))
Pshhhh.: Elyse - Orangeo_ubiquitous_o on April 18th, 2008 11:01 pm (UTC)
At the mention of the sun, Elyse wrinkled her nose. The thought of the infernal thing returning depressed her. She blinked up at her host. "Thank you! It would be quite boring with nothing to do until the darkness returns. You can also visit me at the hospital any time you wish. There are many things to explore." Her voice was light, her anger for the sun dissappeared.

Avi's comment on the human's understanding of horror, she chuckled a bit, swinging her arms as they ascended. "It would be surprising if they did." She commented.

They entered the next secion and Elyse stared in awe. This was even better than the fantasy secion! Turning slowly, she examined each part of it, admiring the walls and chandelier. She was so caught up in the room, she didn't notice when Avi walked away from her. She snapped out of her trance at the red head's question. The book she held was very large, the pages oddly thin. It reminded Elyse of the bible. She shuffled over and looked down at it, oddly humbled. "Poe....he was an amazing writer. I've never read all of his works......" She said, gently taking the book from Avi. She held it as if it were a small, newborn child. Books were so very precious when few people appreciated them. Elyse looked up at Avi's words, nodding gleefully. Finally! Someone who shared her thoughts. "It would have been a true loss if ones like Zeta got ahold of this place. Good thing you aquired it first, no?" Elyse asked, smiling as she carefully looked over the titles of the books. She had the feeling that her host did not need to rush, so she took her time, muttering quietly to herself every once in a while.

((*stabs LJ* I hate the stupid thing. Anywho, yes it would, be easier to live that way. No need worry about cleaning the dust off the shelves, applying ten million pounds of makeup....I hate makeup.))
avariuchiha06avariuchiha06 on April 21st, 2008 04:49 pm (UTC)
Avi glanced back, smiling a bit, "I appreciate the invitation. I'll have to stop by. Hospitals always have interesting stories to tell. I'd be glad to see it, thank you." She said, nodding greatfully to her guest.

Elyse's reaction to the book, and the care with which she treated it was extremely gratifying. "Yes...Poe has always been one of my favorites. He's kept me company for a very, very long time. Shame he's gone, though. He's one human I could have dealt with the presence of, ne?" She commented offhandedly.

At the mention of Zeta, or her witless others, Avi lowered her head, chuckling in a rather dangerously amused way. When she raised her head, she smiled widely at Elyse, teeth flashing harmlessly in the dark. "I don't think it would have much mattered if she had gotten here first. I have a tendency to get the things I'm after, regardless....and besides, I don't think I could have...condoned the way the empty-headed thing would have treated the place, ne?"

After this, Avi moved slightly away, so that Elyse could look over the titles comfortably. She had never liked having people breath down her own neck, so to speak, and so she tended to avoid too close of a proximity to others.

((*also stabs LJ* I hate makeup, as well. I'll occasionally wear eyeliner, but not very often, and not usually anything else. OH! XD Btw...Avi's got black hair. I got confused when you mentioned a red-head earlier...I thought for a moment you meant Zeta was in my library, and heads would have rolled. XDDD))