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16 April 2008 @ 08:01 pm
Zeta's Mistake.  
Who: Marlow, Zeta (NPC), Charlie (NPC) // (OPEN)
What: Confrontation
Where: Marlow's "Home"
When: Sunset

Zeta entered through the back kitchen door, dried blood splattered on her face and a grin from ear to ear. Marlow had let the boy, Charlie, roam around with his supervision, although he was still terrified and barely able to move without a formidable thought crossing his mind. Sensing someone else in the room, Marlow turned smartly, the boy at his side. There stood Zeta, tittering softly as she ogled the boy for a while before turning her gaze up at Marlow. He tilted his head, shaking it slightly and said nothing. When he had first met Zeta, his first impression of her was nothing like the way she is today. She was quiet, calm, and acted like she was very confident in becoming Marlow's closest ally. The next day, unfortunately, she changed. It was all an act to gain Marlow's trust (in which he still doesn't with a lot of things). Mentally he gave her the role as the undermost vampire he knew, but she was unaware of it, thinking that she stood as the second highest; Marlow being the first.

She stepped closer to both Marlow and Charlie, her arms held away from her body slightly, giving a look that said: 'I'm going to lunge when you allow me to.' Marlow placed a hand on the boy's shoulder, pushing him back and behind him. Marlow watched Zeta intently, ready for whatever she may try to do. The silence was apparently becoming too much for Zeta to handle. She opened her mouth widely and screeched. "Can I have him? Can I eat him? Is he a gift from you to me, Marlow?" She squealed in utter excitement, stepping forward and backward numerous times before Marlow snapped at her.

"You want to eat him? You want to disregard what I have already spoken to you about this boy?" He hissed, reaching back and grabbing the boy by the hair. He swung him forward to lure Zeta closer, but continued to speak in an angry tone. "Eat him, Zeta. You want him, eat him. Attempt to kill the boy just as you attempted to kill Elyse through another," Marlow growled, baring his teeth as he let the boy go. Zeta's grin grew wider, her teeth not allowing her mouth to shut fully. She thought he was happy about this; she thought this was amusing Marlow. But alas, it was not. It was quite the opposite. "You sent the blond after her, did you not?" Marlow asked, pushing the boy away just as before. He had grown a sort of protective state against Charlie.

Zeta nodded excitedly, stepping closer and reaching out to grab the kid. Marlow snapped his hand against her throat and slammed her into the wall to his left, squeezing as tightly as he could, even knowing that it did not matter if her wind pipe was closing. He wanted to crush her neck. "You try something like that again and I swear on my mother's grave I will end your life," he said in almost a whisper. Zeta's face went from pleasant to fearful. "Do you understand?!" He yelled, feeling a bone inside of her neck slowly start to crack. She whined, but nodded with as much energy as she could muster. With one swift motion, Marlow drew her away from the wall and threw her one-handedly into the doorway leading to the kitchen. "Get out the way you came, before I decide to kill you now," he said. "If I see you try and come near this boy or question me like that again, I will remove your limbs and feed them to the other vampires."

She crawled away cowardly, but that wasn't to say that this angered her. If she was stupid enough to send accomplices after Elyse, then she was stupid enough to ignore Marlow's orders and do it again. He clenched his hand into a fist, imagining that Zeta's throat had never left it. Charlie shuffled to Marlow's side and slid his hand into his, drawing his body behind Marlow's towering form. Marlow could not pull away, for whatever strange reason. He looked down upon the boy, who did not return the favor.