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18 April 2008 @ 02:33 pm
November 18th  
Date: November 18th
Moon Phases: New Moon.
Temperature: 37°F // 28°F
Weather: Clear Skies.
Days Until Sun Returns: 0.


I has not snowed in well over a week now. It had actually begun to melt just the other day. It seemed, even in November, that the weather was becoming lighter than last month. The weather will change, however, in the days to come. Everyone had returned home. There were more than enough people to have a house party, or at least go out to dinner without looking like your younger brother's date. Those who have been missing have not been forgotten, but the situation became lighter. It was like they had disappeared to Neverland and slowly their families were starting to forget them. The signs that were posted up around town were beginning to peal from their respective areas. Only those deeply thrown into a depressed state because of it were able to save some of the fliers. The police station and it's workers were completely worthless. They have not sent one search party to look for these people. Even Reese Archer's words were disregarded, even when finding her mother in a bloody mess and her father missing as well.

One local paper has gone mad with fear about what has happened to the girl's parents. The year 1981 is continuously being brought up, but only a few people are listening.


New people are roaming around, get out there and see who they are. Vampires are beginning to seep into town, acting like those around them. A small group of people gathered at Brennan's Farm yesterday as well as today; they have decided to form a search party for the missing persons. They will enter the abandoned area of Juneau once the entire town is searched. Anyone willing to join, can. You will only have to meet with the others at noon the following day at Brennan's Farm, located at the "T" of Tide and Muppit.

Everyone.. You have all disappeared. What is it that I need to do to get the ball rolling again?