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Cursing wildly under her breath, Elyse tromped through the snow, her boots carving through it like a knife through butter. For the sixty-five millionth time, she wondered why she was choosing to do this now. It had been a while since that....memorable escapade with Marlow throughout her hospital, and she'd decided to take it upon herself to finally do that medical check up for the boy. That little human boy that the elder vampire had up in a closet in that dilapitated house he chose to stay in. 

Really. For a vampire, she figured he'd have picked something more stable. Muttering to herself, Elyse glowered up at the dark sky. The other reason for her little trip came trickling back to her. Rather, two reasons. They were named Dante, and Ezekiel. After she had run her tests, the insane boy had reverted to a different personality altogether. This one was more gentle and quiet, but incredibly annoying. He chose to follow her around insesintly, pausing only to bug Dante for a moment or two. 

Said vampire in white suit was no better. He dissappeared like a ghost when she was in need of his help,  and appeared when she really didn't want him around. Despite this, Dante had a few small redeeming attributes. He never failed to carry out her every request exactly, and seemed to treat her as his superior (which Elyse really didn't understand because, as far as she knew, she was much younger and weaker than him.)

26 June 2008 @ 12:03 am
I'm not sure where everyone has run off to, but I'm still going to post an update with TBD's on the date. If any does decide to come back, that would be fan-fucking-tastic.

Date: TBD
Moon Phases: Waxing Crescent.
Temperature: 26°F
Weather: Thunderstorms.
Days Until Sun Returns: 0.


05 May 2008 @ 01:27 am
Who: Theo - OPEN
What: A drink or two.
Where: SSB (Sunrise Sunset Bar)
When: After dark.

As the sun went down, Theo stood, watching the last bits of ray slowly disappear. His exposed skin stun slightly, but did not burn. He took a long drag from his cigarette before starting his walk towards the bar, zigzagging in the streets to divert any attention on him, whether it worked or not. He did nod to a few passerby, and they returned the gesture; perhaps he didn't look as pale as he thought, or as weird. It was freezing out, yet he wore only a light button-up shirt, folded once at the wrists and untucked from his dark blue jeans. His hair was a mess as always, but he didn't care. He almost never cared.

18 April 2008 @ 02:33 pm
Date: November 18th
Moon Phases: New Moon.
Temperature: 37°F // 28°F
Weather: Clear Skies.
Days Until Sun Returns: 0.


I has not snowed in well over a week now. It had actually begun to melt just the other day. It seemed, even in November, that the weather was becoming lighter than last month. The weather will change, however, in the days to come. Everyone had returned home. There were more than enough people to have a house party, or at least go out to dinner without looking like your younger brother's date. Those who have been missing have not been forgotten, but the situation became lighter. It was like they had disappeared to Neverland and slowly their families were starting to forget them. The signs that were posted up around town were beginning to peal from their respective areas. Only those deeply thrown into a depressed state because of it were able to save some of the fliers. The police station and it's workers were completely worthless. They have not sent one search party to look for these people. Even Reese Archer's words were disregarded, even when finding her mother in a bloody mess and her father missing as well.

One local paper has gone mad with fear about what has happened to the girl's parents. The year 1981 is continuously being brought up, but only a few people are listening.


New people are roaming around, get out there and see who they are. Vampires are beginning to seep into town, acting like those around them. A small group of people gathered at Brennan's Farm yesterday as well as today; they have decided to form a search party for the missing persons. They will enter the abandoned area of Juneau once the entire town is searched. Anyone willing to join, can. You will only have to meet with the others at noon the following day at Brennan's Farm, located at the "T" of Tide and Muppit.

Everyone.. You have all disappeared. What is it that I need to do to get the ball rolling again?
16 April 2008 @ 08:01 pm
Who: Marlow, Zeta (NPC), Charlie (NPC) // (OPEN)
What: Confrontation
Where: Marlow's "Home"
When: Sunset

Zeta entered through the back kitchen door, dried blood splattered on her face and a grin from ear to ear. Marlow had let the boy, Charlie, roam around with his supervision, although he was still terrified and barely able to move without a formidable thought crossing his mind. Sensing someone else in the room, Marlow turned smartly, the boy at his side. There stood Zeta, tittering softly as she ogled the boy for a while before turning her gaze up at Marlow. He tilted his head, shaking it slightly and said nothing. When he had first met Zeta, his first impression of her was nothing like the way she is today. She was quiet, calm, and acted like she was very confident in becoming Marlow's closest ally. The next day, unfortunately, she changed. It was all an act to gain Marlow's trust (in which he still doesn't with a lot of things). Mentally he gave her the role as the undermost vampire he knew, but she was unaware of it, thinking that she stood as the second highest; Marlow being the first.

She stepped closer to both Marlow and Charlie, her arms held away from her body slightly, giving a look that said: 'I'm going to lunge when you allow me to.' Marlow placed a hand on the boy's shoulder, pushing him back and behind him. Marlow watched Zeta intently, ready for whatever she may try to do. The silence was apparently becoming too much for Zeta to handle. She opened her mouth widely and screeched. "Can I have him? Can I eat him? Is he a gift from you to me, Marlow?" She squealed in utter excitement, stepping forward and backward numerous times before Marlow snapped at her.

Read More. You know you want to.Collapse )

14 April 2008 @ 10:17 am
 Who: Avi and whoever might be lurking about
What: Examining the new surroundings
Where: The old Juneau local library
When: 2 a.m.

The remainder of the night, and well into the day, (not that it really mattered what time it was, without the sun around to drive her into hiding), Avi wandered the long, darkened corridors of Juneau's old local library. It was surprisingly large, considering its location, and the small amount of people who would have frequented it, but this didn't bother her; the large selection of books, in which she was pleasantly surprised to find several she had not already read, would keep the place interesting when she moved in. 

An even more pleasant surprise was stumbling the manager's room, on the top level of the building. Whoever had owned the library previously, apparently had also lived above it. Avi had had to kick the door in to get inside; apparently, who ever had lived here had locked up and left, thinking that they'd be back from whatever errand in a short while. Not qute the case. Everything inside seemed in order, but dusty; it was clear some sort of cleaning would have to be done.  It was not so much that the dust bothered her senses, but she didn't like it on her things. And they were her things now. There were also several large windows above both the abandoned bed and the fire place which would have to be blacked out eventually, before the sun made its not-so-grand reappearance. 

Turning from the room, stepping carefully over the door she had knocked out, she continued on with her study of the place. Libraries always seemed to have stories to tell that had nothing to do with the written page, and she was determined to discover some of them before she had to go back out. To feed.
11 April 2008 @ 05:46 pm
Who: Micah (OPEN)
What: Waiting
Where: The Bar
When: 9 pm

A vampire was sitting at the end of the bar, about as noticeable as a shadow cast against the wall. He cradled his drink in his hands, staring into it, as if all the answers to his problems were floating around inside. Individual voices around him blended into a low hum. 

Micah was thinking. He thought about the little girl he had met a few nights ago, whose mother had been killed, and wondered if the murder investigation would lead to anything. Knowing humans, probably not. They have a knack for only seeing what they want to see, until it's too late.

The days of darkness had been relatively uneventful. A few children had been kidnapped, and a few people were dead, but that's all. Micah found himself vaguely disappointed. The vampires here were cautious. They cleaned up after themselves, but they seemed disorganized. Maybe there were too few of them to attempt anything at this point. After all, Micah hadn't met a single one face to face yet, and he had expected a town that experienced day-long darkness every year to be crawling with vampires.

Then again, a part of him was relieved. Micah wasn't ready to fight again. Even if there was nothing worth revealing here, he had to lie low for a while.
09 April 2008 @ 09:24 pm
Date: November 9th
Moon Phases: Waning Cresent.
Temperature: 34°F
Weather: Clear Skies.
Days Until Sun Returns: 0.


The sun is back. It's been back for a full 9 days, but the sunshine doesn't make everyone happy. Those families that had lost members are still in mourning, however, they do not know whether or not these members are in fact dead. They are missing.

The generators that had mysteriously been destroyed are being repaired, and numerous other repairs are being made to random buildings that need it. Not much seems out of the ordinary this month, but that's not saying that nothing will happen. People walk the streets, whether happy or sad, and do as they would have done just like any other year. Grocery shopping, tending to their animals, fixing their cars, eating at the diners/restaurants or having a chat in the bar.

The vampires didn't seem to do much damage, only to the families who have missing people. But those two kids, out of the others, are still missing. It was once three, but Reese Archer managed to escape from wherever it was that she was taken to. The police, of course, did not believe her tales about creatures walking the night. But when they went to her home, they believed a bit more.

With a woman slaughtered and a father missing, it seems that the vampires have burned a page out of Juneau's book.
06 April 2008 @ 11:19 pm
Who: Reese and... (OPEN)
What: Coming home, then leaving again.
Where: Reese's Parents House/Streets
When: 11:00 pm

Sitting against the cold building was the least of her mountain of worries. She worried most about what her mother would say or perhaps do when she walked into the house. Reese had in fact been missing for quite a while, but her mother, as mean as she was, would be more upset if she were to return rather than stay gone. Out of sight, out of mind was probably the best phrase to use in this case. Besides, if Reese were to run inside yelling about monsters, her mother would then have a good reason to send her off to a psych ward.

Slowly, she stood, wrapping her dirtied coat tighter around herself then ever before. She had yet to find the police station, that being the first place she wanted to go after escaping from her captures. But she had to settle for home. Maybe dad was back from his trip. Reese crossed the street, taking caution to all of the places one could hide. She quickened her pace, climbing the steps and reaching the door. Taking one last look around, she stepped inside. 'Unlocked, what are they, nuts?' she thought, slamming the door to get some attention. Nothing. She reached back to repeat the action, but decided that it would be best to just lock it. So, in replace to her good intentions, she kicked the door a few times.

"Hello?!" she yelled, taking a few steps towards the dining area. The table was set, but something smelled awful. "What the, that's sick," she managed through her hands, clutching her face as she continued to walk. At close range, she noticed that food had already been partly eaten from the plates. The food, however, was a bit rotten. There was no way that her own mother would be that out of her mind about a lost child to want to eat rotten food. Something was terribly wrong, and although she did not want to trek further, her adventurous trait got the best of her.

First a set table, now rotten food. The lights were on, and the door was unlocked. The food was partly eaten, so whatever it was that disturbed the dinner, made them leave rather quickly. But something was out of place. A couple of the chairs were knocked over. Reese stopped where she stood, a foot away from the door-less entry to the kitchen. She had pulled her shirt up and over her nose, holding it there as she listened. Someone was still here; she wasn't about to start yelling. The setting was way to strange to go around yelling like an idiot when anyone could be inside. The noise sounded like footsteps. The house creaked in certain areas when stepped on, so it wouldn't be too hard to determine where they were coming from; which was far away in the other room.

She took in a deep breath and turned the corner to the kitchen. Her eyes widened. There lay her mother, face down on the ground in a dried dark pool of her own blood. Her throat had been torn from her body, but from where Reese was standing, she could not really tell. She let out a shriek, stepping back and tripping over the fallen chair. The steps grew louder and heavier as she scrambled to her feet to reach the front door. The steps had a voice, and the voice had a body. There he stood, howling before trying to lunge himself at Reese.

Fortunately she was able to swing open the door before turning around to take a good look. It was her father. He hadn't changed fully, but enough to want to do the same thing to her as he had done to her mother. Reese slammed the door in tears before tripping her way in fear back to the streets for anyone she could find.
30 March 2008 @ 01:15 pm
Who: Elyse and anyone willing to join...
What: Exploring the hospital grounds
Where: The front gardens of Alchemilla Hospital
When: 12:45 a.m. (3 days left of darkness)

All day, Elyse had wandered around the abandoned hospital. That was all she'd really done lately. She had become familiar with the hallways and the different floors. The only ward she refused to go into at all, was the mental health division. The rubber rooms, the straight jackets, and the leather straps brought back memories she'd rather keep buried. The rest of her time, she spent pouring over files and reports she'd found in the basement. The idiocy of the doctors that were here amused and enraged her. Other than that, everything had gone relatively smoothly; until yesterday. Elyse had found the staircase to the roof during her exploring, and as she came through the exit, she was tackled from behind. All she could see was a flash of blond hair; it was the same vampire she'd encountered with Marlow.

 The female had judged the distance to the edge incorrectly, and the both of them were sent flying off the roof. Thinking quickly, Elyse shoved the woman away from her, and hit the ground rolling. What seemed like hours later, the two stood up, advancing on each other. After that well.......let's just say that things got nasty. Elyse had walked away with deep gashes on her face and arms, three broken ribs, and a sprained ankle. The blond vampire, however, was much worse off. Elyse smiled at the memory.

Hopefully the little nit will have enough sense to stay away. I don't have the patience for such stupidity at the moment.....not with only three days left of this darkness.