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09 April 2008 @ 09:24 pm
November 9th  
Date: November 9th
Moon Phases: Waning Cresent.
Temperature: 34°F
Weather: Clear Skies.
Days Until Sun Returns: 0.


The sun is back. It's been back for a full 9 days, but the sunshine doesn't make everyone happy. Those families that had lost members are still in mourning, however, they do not know whether or not these members are in fact dead. They are missing.

The generators that had mysteriously been destroyed are being repaired, and numerous other repairs are being made to random buildings that need it. Not much seems out of the ordinary this month, but that's not saying that nothing will happen. People walk the streets, whether happy or sad, and do as they would have done just like any other year. Grocery shopping, tending to their animals, fixing their cars, eating at the diners/restaurants or having a chat in the bar.

The vampires didn't seem to do much damage, only to the families who have missing people. But those two kids, out of the others, are still missing. It was once three, but Reese Archer managed to escape from wherever it was that she was taken to. The police, of course, did not believe her tales about creatures walking the night. But when they went to her home, they believed a bit more.

With a woman slaughtered and a father missing, it seems that the vampires have burned a page out of Juneau's book.