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28 March 2008 @ 08:16 pm
Date: October 28th
Moon Phases: Last Quarter.
Temperature: 6°F
Weather: Heavy fog, Flurries.
Days Until Sun Returns: Three (3).


The names of those who are missing have been released. They are:

• Reese Archer - 13
• Charlie Smith - 11
• Mackenzie Morrow - 13
• Thomas Higgins - 38
• Sebastian Warner - 22
• John Booth - 50
• Eve Benton - 18
• Nathaniel Kip - 47

The generator to Bruno's Italian Restaurant was mysteriously ripped apart. Unless someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol was out and about that night, no one would ever really want to do this.

Plot: Get out and find the people. Get your characters into some action! Reese has been roaming around town, trying to find her way to the police station. She had managed to escape from the abandoned area, but is unaware of were she is due to lack of food. People around town, mostly those families of those who are missing are more than willing to start a search party. The town isn't that big, but there's still that one area, which is basically another town all on its own.

((I'm so out of it I'm not even sure what to write. Let's liven this place up, though!!))
18 March 2008 @ 03:45 am
Date: October 18th
Moon Phases (3 days): Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter, Waning Crescent.
Temperature: 4°F
Weather: Snow storms, heavy fog, chance of heavy blizzards.
Days Until Sun Returns: Thirteen (13).


In news: Families have been reporting in non-stop about missing members. No bodies have been found. The 3 children which have gone missing over a week ago are still missing. There are no leads or evidence bound to their disappearance. On the 20th, Police will send out a small squad to go looking for them passed the gates to see if they are there. It's been reported that some people are actually getting together to form their own search party, since the authorities are taking way too long to do it themselves.

Power is still out in most of the buildings around town. Half of the homes still have power, the other half are running on their generators. For every 2 houses there is 1 generator. For everything else other than a home, runs on its own generator. One restaurant in particular stands out from the rest as of right now. Bruno's Italian Restaurant has not only lost power, but lost power to the generator as well. The generator has been ripped apart; this was no accident. Someone wanted the patrons that were stuck inside to be without light almost completely. Whoever was there that night, is among the missing persons. A total of 8 people have gone missing.

Some say gunshots were heard that night, but thought nothing of it: residents of Juneau are almost always out at odd hours hunting or just shooting into space due to intoxication.


Eight people, gone. Did they all decide to head out of town? Were they sick of this place? Or did someone, or something, take them? The residents of Juneau are scared as shit for their own safety. It's almost as though one cannot care for another, no matter who it is. But others are becoming quite the opposite. They want to form a bond or group, to fight whatever it is out there taking away their friends and family. Most of all, they want those children home first. They seem to be the #1 priority on the list. The other 8 people could have left town, tired of the cold, snow, and losing power in every god damn building known to man.

Join a group, make a group, choose what you will. Find those kids. Explore. There are no limitations here.
16 March 2008 @ 01:35 am

Who: Joie (OPEN)
What: Trekking
Where: On the streets
When: 8:54PM

She wanted to take a stroll from the small apartment, perhaps go to Maria's Cafe for a while.

Tonight was colder than usual; the demented wind fled throughout the streets, leaving dusts in its wake. Joie regretted not bringing a thicker coat. The street lamps would light on-and-off, generating buzzes.

She fixed her eyes on the houses aligned. They were black from the windows. The moon was almost the only source for luminosity on the streets. The lamps were no help at all. Joie knew better not to walk unaccompanied in the dark, particularly with the incidents that took place not too long ago. The draught tonight was strong; it kept brushing her feet off the ground. Joie felt as if she was floating on air, she was amused for a while, then the wind set down, and she rubbed her hands together for warmth.

She was able identify the café when she got there, but from the lucent windows, everything within was dim. Murmurs of people were heard, candles were recognizable, but it didn’t appear to enclose the pleasant atmosphere as usual. Joie stared at the café for a moment, then left.

The street lamps never seem to light up again; therefore no more drones could be heard. The night was starless, but with the help from the moon, Joie was capable to manage half way home.

Her steps minimized as the wind rose up, coming to a realization that she was not familiar with her surroundings. Joie wandered around for a street sign, but none apparent.

“Ah, shoot.”

She scratched her head, looking dubious. She’ll muddle through her way home. But Gilles, Jurou and Valentina will have to wait for their dinner.

15 March 2008 @ 12:05 am
Who: Reese and Charlie
What: Being Kidnapped.
Where: Abandoned area.
When: Late night.

Reese continued on with Charlie, not bothering to look back at the other kids who waited just beyonds the gates in the street lamp light. She tucked her jacket around herself tightly, pulling the hood up and over her head. Charlie kept close, his breathing erratic, as though he had just ran a few miles. She tucked her arm under his and linked the two, leaning close to him. "Maybe I should have listened to you, C," she said, a frown forming on her face. "Out there it seemed too easy to come here, but now, I'm not so sure," was her finish. Charlie shoved her off.

"Then why didn't you listen to me!" He yelled, his voice nearly echoing throughout the alleyways and empty buildings. "I told you this place was a freak show!" He continued, his face turning a bright red (not from the cold). She furrowed her brows and decided to scream back. "Well if you didn't want to go, you shouldn't have tagged along, you idiot! I didn't force you, did i?"

They fell silent. Both had realized for a moment that they were making so much noise that if anything did live here, it sure knew that they were present. Reese narrowed her eyes at Charlie, as if to blame him for all of this, and for what was to come, if anything. Charlie's expression, however, was quite the opposite. His eyes grew wide with fear, his mouth dropped open, and his red cheeks were now very pale. Reese froze, not able to comprehend that maybe there was something or someone behind her. She could not move, even if she wanted to. Charlie lifted a gloved hand and pointed just past her before taking off. Some friend he was.

First she heard the crunching of snow beneath footsteps, then the hissing of what sounded like an overgrown snake. Slowly, she turned, looking over her shoulder to see four figures standing before her. She didn't even have the time to run before another grabbed her arms and hauled her away.
07 March 2008 @ 12:58 am
Who: Kat and whoever wants to jump in. (OPEN!)
What: Discussion.
Where: The Bar
When: 11:17 PM

There was one thing she hated about this town.

And that was the cold.

Of course, most would say the dark, but besides the fact it really put a damper on her photography, Kat didn't mind the dark. She needed complete darkness to sleep, so this just made her life easier. But no, the cold was fucking awful and it never went away, it seemed. Sweaters were so two years ago, and still, she found herself wrapped in two of them, over a cardigan, and still shivering.

Then again, they'd decided to keep the heat on low to conserve the generator.

Light a match, slow the descent; a little bit of resistance...Collapse )

Nobody was talking much, but she caught a whisper. Can you imagine?... The three of them, missing ... out in the cold ... dead side ... search party?...

The answer to the last question always seemed to be, 'It's too Dangerous'.

Katrina, tired of all the superstitious quacks, slammed her fist on the table, bolting her companion from sleep for a moment before the snoring began again.

"You all are pathetic. So it's cold -- they could die out there if nobody goes to look for them."

(Tag whoever! Lets do something!)
07 March 2008 @ 02:32 am
Who: Marlow and another vampire. (OPEN)
What: Planning.
Where: Across the street from Bruno's.
When: 8:40 pm

Most of the day Marlow had been stroking the keys of an old-fashioned piano which sat in the same home he had been occupying for years. Although the piano had been rotted and looked as though it were going to fall apart, the keys remained clean. He played almost every day, thinking of the times in which he had taken someones life to preserve his own so that he could repeat the act to another.

As he sat silently on the bench at the piano, his vision flowed over the keys, placing his hands on his thighs. The ticking of the clock which hung as crooked as an old man's spine on the wall made him think. Tomorrow was Halloween, a time where people would dress like the being he was, only wearing frilly shirts, slicked hair, and looking as though they were going to lay a beautiful woman into a Victorian-styled bed while gently sinking his teeth into her neck. It disgusted Marlow to think that humans pretended not only to be like him, but like other "scary" creatures such as werewolves and witches. Halloween was a joke.

Frustrated, he stood and placed his hand over the lit candle, pinching out the flame before walking out of the home. There was no need to open nor close the front door since it was missing anyways. He stared at the doorway, thinking of the child he had taken only a few days ago. A small boy which now sat in an upstairs closet, locked. This gave hope to Marlow that someone would come looking for the child, giving him more flesh to feed upon.

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28 February 2008 @ 10:27 pm

Date: October 7th
Moon Phase: Full
Temperature: 23°F
Weather: Flurries off/on Rest of Week and Next.
Days Until Sun Returns: Five (05).


There are 24 days left until the sun returns, and although the town has become tired and wary, excitement has filled the cold air. However, a handful of people have gone missing, and two have been found dead. The second body was found today, early this morning near the gates. He looked similar to the other body, identified as 32-year-old Jerry Levells, with the throat torn out. This body was found again by Helen MacFloyd, a 54-year-old woman who lives near the Sunrise Sunset Bar. Questions have been risen as to why her; why she was the only one who kept finding these bodies. Authorities decided not to take the woman in for questioning just yet. There was no way, in their eyes, that a 54 year old woman could do the damage that had been done to both bodies; unless she was some alien from Mars or some supernatural being.

People shuffled the streets and paid for the newspapers stacked on one another near the paperboy on the corner of Cuttle and York St. As we peer over the shoulder of one paying customer, we see the front page bears the photo of a small girl. The headline: "Young Girl Found Dead." Yes, you have read correctly. The body found this morning was indeed 12-year-old Maggie Harte. None of the readers of the paper wanted to turn the page. The whole town was in shock. It's sad to think that when Jerry Levells was found, that it was more like a pinch compared to this blow. Finding out that a small girl was killed silenced the streets. How? And why? Everyone wanted to point the finger at Helen; even those which claimed to be her friend.

The ghost town of Juneau was becoming more and more curious to the people outside the gates. Some claimed that figures were seen moving about in the buildings; that faces floated in the shadows only to disappear seconds later when they looked back.

7:49 pm - The power goes out at SSB, Bruno's Italian Restaurant, Lucky's, and Red9 Liquor.
8:30 pm - The power goes out at Maria's Cafe, Bobby Road's Burgers, and Running Horse Pub.

Almost every hour by the hour more places seem to be losing power. Only half of the generators kick in, the others have been damaged. The excitement people were gaining about the sun quickly starts to lower and becomes taken over by fear. What happened to the others who are missing? Who are they?:


Reese Archer
Charlie Smith
Mackenzie Morrow

15 February 2008 @ 08:47 pm
Who: Reese and terrible peers. (OPEN)
What: A dare to go into the abandoned area.
Where: Just before the gates.
When: Night, around 8pm.

Reese and approximately 6 other children stood there eyeballing the buildings which were once occupied over 20 years ago. Earlier in school, there was a bet that Reese and Charlie (a good friend of hers) would never step foot passed the gates. They were taunted and made fun of throughout the day until the two of them finally gave in.

EARLIER: "Fine. We'll go to the damn area, but you know what? We'll even go into one of the buildings, your choice," said Reese with a confident smile.
"Yeah! .. Wait, we'll what?" questioned Charlie. "A building?! Of their choice?!"
Reese smacked him a bit to make him shut up. This was her chance to do something big and gain the respect she most likely deserved. She wanted to show the punks that she wasn't scared.

So there they all stood. Charlie huddled near Reese as she pushed back the hood of her jacket and looked over at Max, the boy who brought up the dare to begin with and the one who was going to choose the building. She lifted a brow, and didn't look very happy. It might have been a big mistake to take this bet, but it was too late to back down.

"Well, choose the place, Max. We're waiting," she said, motioning to the area with her gloved hand. Max looked at the other kids and smirked, placing his hands on his hips and tilting his head. "Ok. I heard that the most haunted part of this place is at the amusement park. Go there," he said, folding his arms around him.

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13 February 2008 @ 07:55 pm
Who: James and his dogs. (OPEN to ANYONE)
What: A little downtime?
Where: His apartment
When: Early afternoon

Since the sun had set for the month over Juneau, James had stayed in, unless it was to go to work. But even then, after Jerry's was found in an alley, he was wary. James knew Jerry. Not personally, but the man was nice to him every time he came into the bar for a drink. They were close in age, there was plenty to talk about.

James sighed a little as he padded barefoot from his kitchen to his living room in the front of his apartment. His two dogs followed behind him, eager to catch a crumb from the two sandwiches he was carrying on his plate with him. He settled down on his couch, grabbing the remote for the television and turning it on.

He took a bite of the sandwich. Turkey was always his favorite. But when Archie jumped up into his lap, he gave a dirty look, his mouth filled with turkey and mayonaise and bread. "You're not getting any. I don't know why you're up here." He exclaimed, though it was only half coherent. He pushed the puppy out of his lap and drew his legs up to his chest. He took another bite, swallowed, then looked to Layla, who looked just as eager as the other dog to get a bite. "What are you, vultures? I just fed you. What the hell do you want?"

He shook his head, smirking. "Look if there's any left over..." He trailed off when he watched Archie's ears perk up, when he heard soft scratching on the window of his front door. He was glad that blinds were covering it. Swallowing hard, he put his plate down on the couch and reached underneath it for the baseball bat he always kept ready. After living in this god forsaken town, he learned quick to keep some kind of weapon close.
11 February 2008 @ 08:31 pm
Date: October 11th/12th
Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
Temperature: 36°F
Weather: Snow showers: M, T, W, F, Sun.
Days Until Sun Returns: Thirty (30).


SUNDAY a body of a man was found in the alley between buildings 2883 and 2885 late afternoon. The body was discovered by Helen MacFloyd, 54, who lives near the Sunrise Sunset Bar. “I noticed someone lying near the gate in the alley that separates it into two [alleys],” she said. Upon further investigation, she noticed the man’s throat was in fact missing. “It looked like a wild animal attacked him.”

The body was identified as Jerry Levells, 32, a resident of Juneau for 18 years. “We don’t get animals in town that would do such a thing,” says Walter York, 44. “Whatever it was, it was not human nor animal.” Levells’ only immediate family are his parents and his younger brother.

If you have any information regarding the death of Jerry Levells, please contact the police department.

Marcelle Spence, 2008

NOTE: I realize that February only has 29 days. Two days after will still be October 30th and 31st. When it is March 3rd, just play it as December 3rd. November 3rd (sorry, I can be an idiot at times).